Thursday, 4 October 2012

What a day. Do you know how much these kids talk? I know how much I talk and they have exhausted me! Busy but fun. Grandpa came down last night for work and rugby, he brought with him two big boxes of Avocados from his orchard. When life gives you Avo's, you...

go into business!!! They were $9 richer and oh so happy.

A fun time had by all. They had the yell going of  "We're selling avocados" at the top of their voices. I was so grateful we live up the drive and I had groceries to put away!!! Still plenty here so friends passing by call in!

After a lunch with friends we headed off to buy bait catchers with our hard earned $9 and go fishing. I figured with 3 kids, fishing with no hooks would be a winner. The weather....not so much. It was too hard to convince the small fry of this, even when we saw some boys returning from their adventures because it was too windy! So a fishing we went. Was fairly short lived due to sideways rain but they had fun and we can do it again tomorrow. Fish 1: Biesieks 0.

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  1. Gorgeous Nyree! Such wonderful experiences! Such fun!