Tuesday, 2 October 2012

First Day Fun!

I was wondering how the "No TV" thing was really going to go down, all three mentioned the TV at some stage over the day, but it wasn't really a big deal. If someone was at a loose end, I read them a book and they soon got sick of that suggestion :o) when the sun was shining!

A few pics from today:

Lily - made by Lily from gingerbread dough
Jack - written by me in disgust when he requested cheese and sauce on his pancakes
Meg - scribbled in flour with direction from Miss Meg herself

I love that Meg is still part chubby handed baby but trying so desperately (when well rested) to be a big kid. She was so annoyed today when Lily, Jack and the neighbours kids were laughing when she was being all cute. She wasn't so well rested at that stage!

They all had such fun doing the ginger bread dough, it seemed more purposeful than boring old playdough. They were really focused on mixing extra flour into the dough and making shapes. Meg remembered the My Little Pony cupcake cases in the cupboard so that added another 20mins of play on to the activity.

Can you spot my industrious wee helper behind the bubbles?

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  1. looks like a great first day. I love the shot from above the table.