Friday, 12 October 2012

The Ballet

by Lily B.

On Thursday night me and my Mum went to the ballet. The dancers are from Russia. The Dance was called Swan Lake. Before the ballet we went to Arborio at the Library for dinner. My Mum had Pizza and I had fish and chips. Mum said I had to eat with my knife and fork! My Mum did my hair like hers with 12 clips and lots of hairspray. I don't have a favourite part of the ballet, I loved all of it. The Jesters were funny. It felt like a dream. I went to bed after eleven o'clock.


  1. Awesome post Lily. I especially like the use of underlining and bold.

    1. Lily especially likes the use of underlining and bold. When she reads it back to herself she reads it with such emphasis. Makes me laugh.

    2. That must have been so much fun! You both look lovely and your picture of the ballet dancers is amazing - they all have fabulous smiles :-)