Monday, 8 October 2012

Blown Back from the Beach

We survived the trip. My goodness, the gear required for a night at the beach is the equivalent to 4 nights. So many sets of clothes! We had a great time but I haven't had a chance to sort all the photos (or the washing), so I will leave you with this quick wee series of shots taken this afternoon in an effort to keep a little boy awake. Last year when Jack was at morning kindy, he and I would bake so many afternoons a week to prevent sleep and the induced late night antics of a boy who really needed to drop his day sleep. He is actually a pretty good baker, apparently by the end of the week Lily and Jack want to make a cake "free range style" in the kitchen. I'm thinking with Lily's reading and Jack's measuring skills we could be in for a treat ;o)

and secretly I hired Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the old version, because I know you'll ask) to take to the beach, after reading it to the kids last week. We dragged out the tiny tv from my nursing training days and plugged the dvd player into it. What a hit! I suspect the wee TV will go back to his house tonight, but it has been a lovely afternoon recovering from our beach adventure. 


  1. You should totally let them make something. We'll come and taste!

  2. Oh I LOVE the slideshow, that last shot is a winner too! And I love the old version of Charlie and the chocolate factory. LOVE it! Love Roald Dahl too. Used to always read my classes "Danny the Champion of the World" because not many kids have read that one themselves but it's AWESOME. Though maybe a bit old for your kids still, 9 year olds rate it though.