Friday, 5 October 2012

The End of the First Week!!!

Another day, this one required coffee and cake with a friend at the end of it. But yipeeee, it is Friday!!! We have survived the 5 days without the TV and we are actually enjoying ourselves (most of the time). Yesterday after getting home from fishing, the kids came down to the lounge and Lily laughed and said she was going to turn the TV on because she had forgotten that it wasn't in the lounge, it was really funny and I might have muttered a wee "haha" under my breath. We all sat down and were just talking about what we could do next time to catch more fish and a whole lot of blah blah blah. We seem to have a lot more "3 kids and Mum" conversations, which can only be good for small peoples language and negotiation skills (not so flash for my sanity). 

Today we had to make a sign and I had seen a recipe for home made paint on  my favourite website. So make we did. It required a few simple ingredients and made one awesome mess! The best kind of fun. 
For the special people in my life like Toni - you can click the wee collage below and it will make it a little bigger for you to see.

This afternoon I made some playdough and the kids added glitter. You can see from the photos who was totally hooked! There is a pic of Jack and Lil's hands but the rest are of the Mouse. Meggie loves play like this, she can stay engaged in it for the longest time. Kindy is going to rock her world. I think she might just rock kindy too.

Tomorrow - we are hitting the 24hr book sale super early and then having a wee breakfast treat on the way home. Not sure what else the weekend holds but phew....I hope it includes an afternoon nap, for me at least!

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