Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Finding Fun in the Smallest of Things

Creating our own fun took on a whole new level of extremes for Jack today. He got lost at the library. New form of Orienteering, Man Vs Wild or Jack vs Library (that he visits each week and the wild life are all stuffed toys in the children's section  - even then they are really high up in fake trees). He coped really well, he managed to find a librarian, who called his name over the intercom but we didn't hear it because we were still searching the museum part of the excursion, it didn't occur to me that he had doubled back. Eventually he made his way back to us, all grins and hugs. What a star. I was so proud of him, he managed to stay calm and communicate with other adults who could help him.

We are such fans of our amazing Library and Museum, usually visiting on a Wednesday evening after dinner in PJ's (kids only - this isn't Hamilton). It is really mellow, not too many people, the kids harass the librarians in the children's section while Tim and I chill on the couches, I've even heard some needles clicking!

I found another tricky time of No TV today. Arriving home and getting things sorted. It was around lunch time and the kids had some really tragic coloured teddy bear popsicle plastic things, they were terribly excited about them and needed to melt them to be able to eat them. Usually, I would flush them out to the lounge while getting lunch sorted but without the TV, the lounge doesn't hold that much appeal unless someone is reading something. So melt they did. All by themselves, the water was pretty warm to start with but they were super sensible and managed to make a mess melt their popsicles and eat some before the two smaller people lost interest and Lily melted everyone's to liquid and I tipped them down the sink (when she wasn't looking). Another successful science experiment. TICK! It is funny how the small things make them so ridiculously happy. And to be honest if I had the convenience of a *greyboxdistraction*, I would have used it prior to this wee event. I'm glad I didn't. 

Lucky for me, Tim took the kids to the Rugby tonight. Lily is pretty up with the play, she knew this was the last shield challenge for the year and we hoped to keep it for another Summer. The late night meant that two children needed to sleep today, which they did! Meg and I had a really nice afternoon, chattering and reading. She did ask for the dreaded box but was easily distracted. A new favourite for her today was the Little Yellow Digger, Jack used to love this but I hadn't read it a lot to Meg, she likes specific factual things, things that happen for a reason. So she loved this book x 5.

I took this photo pre rugby game, they were so excited - 

Another great day - fingers crossed for great weather tomorrow, we are going fishing!

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  1. Stunning photos! Look at the three of them!