Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Peace...for a few moments.

The two girls have just run off down the drive way for an hour or so. Off to visit friends just a few doors down. Perks of lots of kids on the street...also when your child is having a hooley the other neighbours may not pick it is yours. Jack is at a holiday programme today and tomorrow. It looks great, and I am sure he will have loads of fun. http://www.activatetherapyservices.co.nz/boost-camp.html.

A quick update of the fun we had yesterday. The kids were a bit scratchy as they settled into sharing and compromising but they got there...actually I went to work in the afternoon so I think they got there. Tim still had hair left when I got home!

The kids Uncle is an amazing artist, Lil has this arty gene and the other two love some good mess making. Last week WHS had buy one canvas get one free so I got some great sized canvases for an awesome price. We started with primary colours and then as we started working Jack and Meg wanted to copy what Lily was doing and make specific colours using the primary colours. So then we got some fresh trays with just two colours, with more than two colours Meg had a tendency to go straight for brown. It was great fun, will be good to repeat it to see what they remember.

Lily's artwork is called "Piha Beach at Sunset". While painting it she mentioned she didn't think Uncle Jonty could paint like that.

The finished art works.
We have so many things planned. I have been pinning things: http://pinterest.com/nyree_biesiek/school-holiday-plans-no-tv/ to keep us busy. (I think this should be visible). But it is so nice to just chill and watch the kids play some crazy imaginative games, usually schools. They spend most of the time deciding who is what and what they are meant to be doing exactly. But I guess that is all part of the fun.
Off to enjoy the peace...while it lasts.

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