Sunday, 23 September 2012

Our (or should I say My) Plans!

I have this plan you see, actually it started with a random folder of dumped photos on my computer from 2010. This was a busy time for us, 3 small people at home with their Mama. We had some fun, it was so nice looking back at that folder and remembering those days, busy and trying at times but so much fun and silly stuff. Fast forward a couple of years and the little people are still little but they are growing and changing and learning. They can read now and count and argue and negotiate even.

We have holidays coming up and once again the 3 small people and the Mama will be at home together for days and days. Just to add some fun to the mix, we are banishing that awful box thing that sits in the corner of the room to a dark cupboard. This wee blog is our record of the holiday, I am planning on Lily and Jack and perhaps even Meg publishing their amazing talent here. I know they are going to love it! Who knows if we can keep it up and even if that yukky box thing stays hidden. Hmmmmm! Below is one of the 2010 photos, oh how cute were they?

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  1. I love it Nyree! We'll be joining you! Though I don't know if I can banish our box, I wouldn't be able to make dinner without WW3 breaking out I don't think! But can't wait to see what you get up to and borrow some idea! Did you see there is blogtoberfest on too, maybe you should join in!